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The following tips will help you plan ahead of your travel to East Africa.

Export of gold and diamonds is prohibited, as is the export of game trophies and skins, unless acquired from personnel of the Government of Kenya. Game trophies, plant materials, hard drugs and pornographic literature are all prohibited. You are permitted to leave the country with a reasonable amount of tobacco and alcoholic products.


There are two rainy seasons, the long rains from March to May and the short rains in October and November. On the plateau the weather is hot and dry with temperatures during the day of between 25C and 31C all year-round. During the night, the temperatures can be as cool as 5C during the months preceding the short rains. Inland rainfall ranges from 500mm in the south to 250mm in the north. The climate is generally tropical and on the Indian Ocean Coast, humid and hot. The average rainfall in Mombasa is 1200mm and the average daily temperature ranges from 27C to 31C. It’s very dry in the north and northeast of Kenya. Nairobi and its environs enjoy a tropical climate with heights of 27C and lows of 13C.

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