This country with an area of 934,000 sq km boasts of snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro at a height of 5,896m that towers majestically over the horizon, flamingos standing sentinel in the salt pans of Ngorongoro Crater, and the hoof beats of thousands of wildebeests that echo over the Serengeti plains.

Few areas of the continent captivate the imagination as does Tanzania. Often referred to as ‘the Africa of legend’, where hot dusty afternoons end abruptly in glorious blazes of sunset, and velvet-black star studded skies enfold the hills. Zanzibar, cloves plantation, chimpanzees among others are attractions to reckon with. The weather is hot and dry for the most part of the year.

The game parks of the Northern Circuit contain some of the most spectacular concentrations of wildlife found in Tanzania. It is no wonder that these game parks are world renowned, unparalleled in concentrations of wildlife, and some of the most pristine yet easily accessible biospheres left on earth.

A traveler to one of the Parks in Tanzania was quoted as saying; “the only living things which look as if they really belonged to it (the park) are the Wild Animals. Between the animals and Africa there is an understanding that the human beings have not yet earned"

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